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Welcome to the NEW MICHAEL MESA Online Classes

Create Your Basic Michael Mesa Workshop (Online) 

(New Workshop Date TBA)

Thank you for your interest! 

Please sign up early so you will have time to gather everything you will need to create your new Michael Mesa on the day of the workshop.


*Pre-registration is required.*

Additional instruction materials for this workshop will be sent out to you along with the Zoom URL and password at the time of payment.

Thank you! ~ Terri


The Mesa is arranged in such a way that it honors the directions of the compass, as well as incorporating a fifth direction as a unifying axis point. Each direction carries with it a collection of elements, archetypes, and attributes that represent inherent powers of the natural world.

What You Will Need:


Consecration Items

  • Cornmeal, Tobacco, 3 Bay Leaves

  • Florida Water or Rose Water

  • Bandana or Cloth Napkin

Basic Mesa Altar Ground

  • Special Foundation Manta Cloth

  • Stone Relative (South, Earth)

  • Shell (West, Water)

  • Medium Feather (North, Air)

  • White Candle (East, Fire)

  • Sacred Object (Center, Aether) 

  • Sage, Palo Santo, or Sweetgrass

  • (to smudge all of the above items) 

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