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A Little Herstory

Beautiful Mt. Hood in the Valley of the Moon near Kenwood, California, where I grew up.

From the time that I was a very young girl, I have always sensed that there was much more to the life that I was living than met the eye. I grew up on a horse and cattle ranch in the Sonoma Valley Wine Country of Northern California, about 60 miles north of the San Francisco Bay area. I was very fortunate indeed to have been raised in such a naturally beautiful and spiritually endowed area. And, I was also very fortunate to have brought with me into this life an intuitive inner sensibility and awareness that enabled me to really connect with all of the beauty that surrounded me, and especially with the incredible over 3,000 year old indigenous native American energy that permeated the entire landscape of my youth.

I grew up feeling very connected to and appreciative of the awesome beauty and healing power of Mother Nature, and I felt deeply rooted and grounded into the underlying spiritual energy pulses that I sensed dwelt therein. In my youthfulness and innocence, I had many vivid and memorable dream time essence contact experiences, wherein I was being instructed and assisted by these essential presences and elemental spirits. Contact with these presences taught me so much about myself and others, and kindled a profound sense of respect for the sacredness of all life and for the land on which I lived.

These unseen energies taught me how to always honor all of life's creatures; how to listen to my own inner knowing; how to identify landmarks and sign posts on both my inner and outer journeys; how to be aware of my position and location within the four directions at all times; and how to track and backtrack my steps so that I would not get lost on what seemed to me at that tender age to have been an absolutely huge ranch!  Ultimately, they taught me how to better navigate my youthful and at times rather uncertain inner and outer territories.

These spiritual presences were my constant companions and spiritual teachers as I was growing up. And it is probably because of my sense of complete envelopment and immersion within these essential energies, and the profound nurturing that I received on such a deep level of my inner being at that time in my life, that I have never truly lost my intuitive sense of connection with Spirit. Looking back now, it just seems natural to me that Spirit has always been there with and for me. I cannot even remember a time in my life when I really didn't know that this essential underlying spiritual reality was simply there for me to call upon when I needed to. I have come to treasure those early childhood experiences, and to really value that profound sense of trust and inner knowing immensely in my adult life.

I have had many other experiences that have contributed to my overall personal and spiritual growth of course, and I've certainly encountered my fair share of challenges to deal with in this life as well. But the backdrop of my early childhood experience is the fertile soil from which I have drawn many of my spiritual resonances and resources today, and it has certainly become the underlying foundation for the intuitive counseling work that I now do with others. This beautiful and natural environment was truly the essential womb of my spiritual conception in this lifetime.

As I have grown older, I have come to understand that this sense of inner connection with Spirit, and with the spiritual essence of who we truly are, is the greatest of all gifts that we can embrace as human beings. And it is my greatest joy to now share this sacred journey of spiritual awakening with others in my life as well!  I feel truly blessed and profoundly enriched by each new friendship I encounter along the path of return to the Tao. I look forward to walking that path with you for a while, and sharing the journey of our souls through the mystical, magical and often profoundly mysterious realms of Great Spirit.

Namaste` ~ Terri

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