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Power, Totem or Animal Spirit Guide?


Animal Spirit Guides, Animal Totems and Power Animals

This is what I've learned  about the differences between animal spirit guides, animal totems and power animals. It's quite interesting, as I've always had questions about these terms and how they are used. Many people use them inter-changably, and there are also specific usages amongst various indigenous populations for the terms too, which is part of what makes it confusing for people to understand and to clarify.


But as a general rule of thumb, this is what I gathered from my online research into the general usage of the terms. I found it both clarifying and enlightening in my own work with the Animal allies and helpers.


Term #1 ~ Animal Spirits, Spirit Animals, Animal Spirit Guides

come to you in a time of need and know our deepest feelings, even before we do, very often. They tend to show up repeatedly, especially right when we need them most. To call them in consciously, focus on a specific intention or question you would like to gain more insight and direction on to support you in resolving the issue or situation in your life. Invite them to make themselves known to you, and when they do appear, thank them for coming to you. Again, be aware of repeated appearances of this animal ally popping up all around you, in symbols, synchronicities, serendipity, from out of the blue. That's likely to be your SPIRIT ANIMAL GUIDE responding to your deepest needs at that time.


Term #2 ~ Animal Totems and Totem Animals


ANIMAL TOTEMS are different from SPIRIT ANIMALS because they are part of WHO YOU ARE at your core. These animals have made pre-life sacred agreements with you on a soul or essence level to be with you throughout your lifetime, or across many lifetimes, based upon past experiences with that particular species or hive soul group.

There are very often past life associations with your TOTEM animals as well, that forms the foundation of your relationship connection in this lifetime. TOTEM animals are also often associated with the ancestors and with the tribes with whom you have been a part in past and/ or current incarnations as well. Totems are also often related to CLANS, and to those clans within which you are a part.


So ANIMAL TOTEMS are deeply connected with *who you are at your core being*, and may have been with you across multiple incarnations and multiple time lines. They serve to reflect your own inner workings, habits, patterns, preferences and internal dynamics back to you, and are great sources of holistic healing energies when worked with on a conscious level in our lives. This can also include your BIRTH TOTEMS as well.


Term #3: Power Animals

POWER ANIMALS are like your "super-power" and can be called upon to assist you with specific TASKS that require some heavy lifting in order to accomplish that particular task or goal in your life. It lends strength, vitality, and courage to support you in undertaking and resolving whatever the issue, obstacle, block or resistance may entail. Power animals are called upon for specific tasks and reasons, and do not necessarily remain with you throughout your lifetimes, because different situations require different attributes that various potential power animals may have to offer, or to bring the table.

Power animals are the most likely to reveal shadow side issues and qualities if their presence and power is not well managed on your part for whatever reason. In fact, some people are actually afraid of their power animal because they sense its strength and power in their life. So it is important to recognize that your power animal "truth" can be a double-edged sword; it cuts in both directions, positive or negative, depending upon your relationship to it, and to your own power.

Some examples of Power Animal presence might be when a parent needs to lift a heavy vehicle off of their child, NOW! Or when you might need to drag a heavy tree blocking the roadway head during an emergency evacuation. or whenever you need nearly super-human strength to overcome some kind of obstacle in your life.


And it's not just about physical strength, which is important, but it is also about spiritual, mental and emotional "courage under fire." The Power animal can shift and change according to circumstances in the moment. You can pull in different power animals according to different challenges in life, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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