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New Michael Student Special Package

Are You A New Student To the Michael Teachings?


Consider the comprehensive New Michael Student Special *LIVE* Intro Package for your first Michael reading! 


For all NEW students to the Michael teachings, this special includes a FREE 20 minutes introduction and orientation session with Terri to answer any questions you may have about how this all works, as well as to simply get to know one another better before making your final decision. You can add the 20 minutes to the first weekly session, and do them both at the same time, or you can schedule the 20 minutes prior to your first week's channeling session. Either way, it will need to be scheduled into Terri's channeling calendar in advance to reserve a slot for your session time with Michael. 

This New Michael Student Special Package includes three (3) LIVE channeling sessions with Michael that will serve to flesh out the best and clearest information available to assist you in identifying your own personal Full Michael Profile through inter-active Q & A with the Michael entity. 


Week One: Your 1st Live Channeling Session with Michael will help you determine your Personality Dynamics: 


Includes your Basic Overleaf Chart: Soul Age, Role, Mode, Goal, Attitude, Centering, Primary & Secondary Negative Chief Feature and Body Type 

(an 1 & 1/2 hour channeling session - regularly $175.00)


Week Two: Your 2nd Live Channeling Session with Michael will clarify your Essence Dynamics.  


Includes Cadre, Entity, Block, Row, Casting Position, Side, Raw #, Underlying Motivation, Global Job, Community Responsibility, Life Task Phrase, 3 Primary Needs, Frequency, Male/Female Ratio, Essence Twin, Primary Task Companion ~

(a 2 hour channeling session - regularly $225.00)


Week Three: Your 3rd Live Channeling Session with Michael is for the purpose of clarifying and/or correction of any areas of your Full Michael Profile that you may still have remaining questions about following your first two LIVE channeling sessions with Michael. You may also use this time to ask any particularly pressing questions you may have about any area of your life.

(a 1 hour channeling session - regularly $125.00) 


Total Hours:  The New Michael Student Special Package includes 4 1/2 hours of private channeling. You SAVE $150.oo total on all three live sessions with Michael! 


Through this fresh approach, the new Michael student will have an opportunity to experience Michael's wit, humor, wisdom and causal plane insights and perspectives "up close and personal." They will have an opportunity to interact with Michael directly and to ask relevant questions *at the actual time of the session* itself, as they arise naturally through their conversations with Michael.


This is a great way to begin to *consciously connect* with the Michael Entity's causal plane perspective and to learn more about the Michael Teachings straight from the horse's mouth. Learning how to recognize "the voice" of the essential teacher within oneself is also part of the benefits of working with the Michael Entity in private one-on-one sessions straight out of the gate! 

Best of all, through utilizing the information offered in New Michael Student Special *LIVE* Intro Package, the aspiring Michael student has an opportunity to experience a stronger sense of the "essence" of both the teachings and "the teacher" right from the very beginning and gains a solid foundation of personally applicable information upon which to base and to build their future Michael Teachings studies! 


You may choose to pay either by the session

or may choose to pay in full at the time of booking. 


Thank you! ~ Terri 

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