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Kundalini and Spirit Animals


Serpents are one of the most common among others, as the human spine resembles a serpent standing on its tail, if we observe the natural curve. Tigers and butterflies, birds and fish, Spiders and cocoons and many other examples are the archetypes that kundalini presents herself in.

The archetype depends upon your psychological state and what animal it closely resembles. The projection of the archetype may be in dream or may manifest in the waking state. If the radiance of kundalini is strong, they may even get attracted physically as there is a blending among all these states of consciousness.


When a transformative animal consciousness communicates with a person in either the dream or waking state, it is due to the increased flow of kundalini , and it represents merging of a dormant aspect of psyche to the whole. When confronted by the animal, there can often be a sudden release from many natural fears and internal conflicts that are associated. These can be extremely blissful experiences of catharsis. Electric Tingles, love and energetic vibrations all over the body will often be felt when in the presence of these creatures.

The animals are just another way of kundalini testing your ability to understand, to recognize yourself in other beings, and not fear the multiple shapes and sizes of the natural forms this intelligent force can assume. These forms will often reciprocate in a manner which reflects your inner emotional and mental states. They will sometimes be ferocious and bite if you are afraid, and may comfort you if you are feeling lonely. They can form into fierce aspects of protection if the person is still in the stages of feeling they need protection.

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