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May 2024 to May 2025 Private Platform Readings

PLATFORMS: The Alchemical Triad Platforms

What are Platforms?  Learn more HERE.

INTERNAL:  (Personal) + Support Animal Ally + Soul Symbol
EXTERNAL:  (Community) + Support Animal Ally + Soul Symbol
PIVOTAL:  (Alchemical) + Support Animal Ally + Soul Symbol


Full Alchemical Platform Dynamics PRIVATE Channeling Session ~ $75.00 

A 50 minute private session with comments and insights from Michael on the three platforms, the three animal allies and the 3 soul symbols for the year ahead.

NEW!!! Introducing *PARTNERSHIP PLATFORM* Readings! 

Learn more about the 3 primary themes you and your partner will be exploring

in the platform year ahead through channeled insights from Michael!

Contact Me for more information or to Book A Session

(by zoom video chat or teleconference only, no email readings)

*LIVE* Michael Channeling Services

(via Teleconference or Zoom) 

Private 1/2 Hour Session ~ $75.00

Private 1 Hour Session ~ $125.00

Private 1 & 1/2 Hour Session~ $175.00


*LIVE* Channeled Michael Entity + Personal Archangel Readings


Work with Michael to receive detailed insights into your questions and then work with the archangel that shows up for you to release, refill and renew your energy bodies with higher plane light, love and energy.  The angels are here to help us release our heavy burdens to them so we can attune, align and more fully embrace the Infinite Soul energies that are coming into our planet at this time. Sessions are the same as for the regular Michael Channeling services.

(Choose the session length desired from the PayPal Menu below.

Please note that it is a Michael/Archangel Reading that you are requesting.)





New Michael Student *LIVE* Special 3 Week Intro Package

    (Includes 4 1/2 hours of channeling with Michael for $375.00) 

  Save $125.00 total!


        (click on the PayPal drop-down menu arrow below to place your order)                          

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