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All Channeled Sessions with the ancient causal plane entity known as Michael​ ​are conducted *LIVE* via Free Conference Call, Skype, and Zoom video services, depending upon location, time zone considerations and personal preferences.

About Channeled Telephone and/or Audio/Video Sessions with Michael:

I have learned from over 35+ years experience channeling both "in person" via the telephone, in LIVE voice and text chat rooms, and via e-mail, that an immediate and direct communication between the questioner and the channeled source is *absolutely the most beneficial way to gain the maximum benefit* from your personal channeling session. For this reason, I have chosen to provide *all channeled sessions* with Michael via the telephone, Skype or Zoom video conference services.

One of the primary benefits of personal one-on-one channeling sessions with the Michael Entity is that you can ask for further clarification at the time of the actual session itself. There is also a better opportunity for the flow of the channeled information and energy to be directly felt and responded to immediately within the session itself when it is done in this way. This allows Michael to make a more tangible and direct connection with you personally, and allows optimum conditions for the transfer of information and energy to occur within the session.
About Preparing Your *LIVE* Channeling Session Questions for Michael:

There is really no such thing as a 'bad' or a 'wrong' question. All questions are valid and essential to the progress to be gained from the service provided for each student. Sessions are better utilized, however, when some degree of preparation has been done on the area you wish to explore and your questions have been thoughtfully considered and worded. The answers are given in such a way as to shed greater light upon the area of inquiry. Questions are considered the vehicle through which the information is then given in response.  In other words, the more thoughtfully your questions are worded, the clearer the channeled insights can then be offered in response. So it is worth taking sufficient time to think through what it is you really want most to clarify in your session, and to phrase the questions in such a way as to bring about the greatest clarity and insight for you.

It also bears mentioning here that the Michaels will never tell you what you "should" or "should not" do about any given situation, but will instead shed a bigger, brighter, broader light upon the situation so that you may then make better informed and more consciously aware choices in your life. They will never interfere with the students choices in life, and will not make choices for you. All learning arises from the person's own choice making processes, and thus to interfere with personal choices would be karma producing for anyone who attempts to do so in any kind of spiritual work of this nature. They also do not provide "missing persons" or "lost articles" information.


One thing I will not do for anyone is a "crisis session", wherein the energy is so charged that it becomes nearly impossible to remain clear, or is so heavily influenced that the reading cannot be accurately given. If I feel that the "psychic weather" is not favorable for a good clear reading, I will let you know and we can reschedule the session for a time when the conditions surrounding the channeling are better indicated. Accuracy and appropriate transmission of the information given is very important to me, as I am sure it is to you as well.  Thus, I do not feel it would be in my integrity to proceed with a session intended to assist you, if the conditions present indicate that something is somehow "off." I would prefer to reschedule the session for another time. I feel it is my personal responsibility to not do the session if the conditions are overly charged or foggy. I rather doubt that you would want a channeling session under such conditions either.  Michael has stated that even on a good channeling day, 80 to 85% accuracy of transmission is the best they expect from any channel.


I am not a licensed psychotherapist, and I do not claim to be such. I am a channel for higher informational sources, and I do not feel, nor am l qualified, to act as anyone's therapist in a channeling session. If I feel therapy is indicated, I will say so. So if you feel that what you really need is some form of professional therapy, please call an appropriately licensed Mental Health Care professional for those kinds of services. I do not do not offer professional psychotherapy. However, there are many qualified people who do offer these services, and if you feel that you truly need this kind of attention, then I strongly encourage you to keep looking for the services you need and deserve. Therapy can be a great asset when one is able to work with the appropriate individual. So keep looking! Excellent therapy options are available out there, so don't get discouraged or give up on finding the perfect person to work with you! 


If you would like to book a private channeling session with Michael, payment for your channeling session is due at the time of booking. 

You can use the secure PayPal shopping cart drop-down menu located at the bottom of this page to select the length of the private channeling session you would like to book with Michael. One click should take you directly to my PayPal account where you can quickly and easily pay for your session.

To learn more about PayPal and to sign up for a PayPal account, click on the link provided below.


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Michael Channeling Sessions

Personal Support Services

Private 30 Minute Session:  $75.00

Private 1 Hour Session: 


Private 1 & 1/2 Hour Session ~ $175.00

*New Michael Student *LIVE* Special 3 Session Introduction Package:  $350.00

(Save $75.00 ~ includes a total of 3 1/2 hours of private channeling with Michael.)                 

Receive your personal  animal totems for each position outlined below through channeled information from the ancient causal plane teacher known as Michael.

Each position corresponds with a particular dynamic within the Michael Teachings, and together these two systems ultimately combine to create a full Medicine Wheel or a "Sacred Circle."



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