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Sacral Chakra Balance


Attune Your Sacral Chakra While You Read 

Svadhisthana ~ Sacral Chakra


The sacral chakra is located above the pubic bone and below the naval. It is the second chakra and is named Svadhisthana. This translates to “sweetness.” So, the sacral charka is all about the sweet stuff in life! An affirmation we can associate with the sacral chakra is, “I allow creativity to flow through me.” This chakra is related to creativity, emotions, and sexual energy. This is all about sensuality, enjoyment, and pleasures in life. Therefore, it allows us to fully feel the world around us.

When the sacral chakra is balanced we feel creative, emotionally grounded, energetic, satisfied in our relationships, playful, and overflowing with passion for life. So, it is very important to seek balance with the sacral chakra. When it is blocked you may feel detached from your emotions and those around you. When it is overactive, you might experience conflict, drama, and unhealthy relationships.

Imbalances of the Sacral Chakra

Imbalances of the sacral chakra can manifest in different ways. As always, please seek medical attention if you have any medical or mental health concerns. But, here’s what some believe are signs that there’s work to be done with the sacral chakra:

  • Lack of emotion or emotional confusion

  • Toxic relationships with patterns that seem to repeat

  • Feelings of guilt about the past

  • Addiction to food, alcohol, sex, gambling, spending, drugs, etc.

  • Boredom

  • Sexual imbalances, seeking too much sex or having no interest

  • Fear of change

  • Lower back or stomach problems

  • Lack of creativity

  • Feeling unimportant or unloved, low self-esteem

  • Reproductive issues

  • No motivation or passion


How to Balance the Sacral Chakra

If you feel you have imbalances in the sacral chakra, you are not alone. It’s very easy in our modern society to allow sacral imbalances. Along with the following advice, take a look at any addictions you might have and explore the root of them. So, you might want to look for patterns in your life and find out what might trigger this behavior.

For instance, if you are often in toxic relationships, take a look at your dating patterns. You might want to consider why you choose the partners you do. Seek out professional help if you are suffering from a serious addiction or need counseling. You may consider joining a social group. Also, spending time near water is beneficial. Anything that helps relax and inspire you is a great pastime to pursue!

What Affirmations Help Balance the Sacral Chakra?

Help support your sacral chakra by repeating some of the following affirmations every day:

  • “I embrace my inner passion and creativity.”

  • “I am in love with life.”

  • “Pleasure is safe for me to feel.”

  • “I am in touch with my feelings and express them positively.”

  • “I embrace and celebrate sensuality and my sexuality.”

  • “My body feels wonderful.”

  • “I am completely at peace with who I am.”

  • “I have healthy boundaries.”

  • “It is perfectly normal to have sexual feelings.”

  • “I love being me.”

  • “I let go of my past and embrace all of the positive aspects of the present.”


What Else Can I Do to Heal the Sacral Chakra?”

Explore creative activities that allow you to express yourself artistically. So, think of hobbies such as drawing, cooking, jewelry making, knitting, or photography. And, try new things out! Give yourself time to fully master an activity and enjoy the experience of learning and expressing yourself.

Finding balance with the sacral chakra is all about having fun and enjoying life. So, try to do spontaneous things and laugh more. Watch more comedies and get creative! Be social. For example, maybe now is the time to finally go out and join that comedy club!


Sacral Chakra Stones


Just like every other chakra, Svadhisthana can be balanced with specific stones and crystals.

What crystals and stones are good for sacral chakra?

Some of the best gemstones that will help you to heal sacral chakra include orange carnelian, golden topaz, golden tiger’s eye, and gold citrine.

You can use any of these powerful sacral chakra stones and crystals by holding them, wearing them in the form of jewelry, or simply having them around your house.

  • Orange Carnelian – this beautiful stone is believed to reduce apathy and lift your spirit by bringing you more joy, pleasure, and helping you to cheer up all the people around you. Carnelian will also help you to overcome some of your biggest fears by helping you to become more courageous and decisive. Orange carnelian is a good stimulant for the air circulation in your body, which can help you to improve the flow of energy and encourage better oxygenation of all body cells.

  • Golden Topaz – this stunning yellow stone will help you to balance your emotions and increase your creativity (great gemstone for artists and musicians). It is an excellent crystal to boost your confidence, reduce fear, anger, and anxiety. Physically, it is believed to improve your digestion and metabolism.

  • Golden Tiger’s Eye – tiger’s eye is one of the best stones to balance the feminine and masculine energies within you and unlock your creative forces. Shiny fibers of this gemstone will increase your happiness and success, allowing you to better connect to the present moment and enjoy simple things in life. Physically, it can help you to slow down your metabolism and improve your digestion.

  • Gold Citrine – it is a crystal of success and happiness that will help you to live your life with more enthusiasm. It is believed to bring more confidence, clarity, and meaning into your life. It can also help you to be more flexible in life, follow your intuition and let go of the past that no longer serves you.

Sacral Chakra Balance and Attunement Videos

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