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Crown Chakra Balance


Attune Your Crown Chakra While You Read

Sahasrara ~ Crown Chakra

The crown chakra is the seventh chakra located at the top of the head. Just as the root chakra connects us to the earth, the crown chakra connects us to the infinite of the universe. The word sahasrara translates to “thousand petals.” The crown chakra allows us to experience peaceful oneness with the energy of everything in the universe. It transcends the ego and reminds us that we are interconnected with everything that surrounds us. Therefore, it is the meeting point between the infinite and the finite. An affirmation we can associate with the crown chakra is, “I am enlightened.”

When we have proper balance in the crown chakra we experience bliss and joy in all areas of life. Our days feel fulfilled and we feel pleasure every day in being alive. We can easily access our inner wisdom and feel a sense of serenity and peace in being connected with our place in the universe.


Imbalances of the Crown Chakra

Please consult a medical professional if you are struggling with physical or mental ailments. However, when the crown chakra has imbalances you might experience some of the following symptoms:

  • Lack of empathy

  • Existential crisis

  • Trouble sleeping, insomnia, or nightmares

  • Loneliness

  • Greed and materialism

  • Chronic fatigue and lack of energy

  • Feeling of alienation

  • Closed-mindedness

  • Apathy

  • Sensitivity to sound or light

  • Boredom

  • Headaches or migraines

  • Feeling disconnection from the body

  • Excessive ego


How to Balance the Crown Chakra

The absolute most important step you can take in balancing the crown chakra is to meditate! Certainly, there are multiple different ways to meditate. So, it might be necessary to keep researching until you find the one that works best for you. Once you have mastered meditation, you will find it easier to observe your thoughts. When we are conscious of our thoughts, we realize we are more than just the things we think about. Therefore, it allows us to detach from any negative or limiting thoughts we might have and become more at peace with ourselves.

What Affirmations Help Balance the Crown Chakra?

  • “I am complete.”

  • “I am an extension of the universe.”

  • “Peace comes easily to me.”

  • “I am open to divine wisdom.”

  • “I am here to make a difference.”

  • “The deeper truth is easy for me to see.”

  • “I see the divine light in everyone.”

  • “I am whole and balanced.”

  • “It is safe for me to belong where I am.”

  • “I am one with everything.”

  • “I am intelligent and aware.”

  • “The divine is always within me and around me.”


What Else Can I Do To Balance The Crown Chakra?

Exploring your spirituality is one of the best ways to help strengthen and balance the crown chakra. Therefore, it doesn’t matter what form of practice you choose, spending time meditating, doing yoga, or learning tarot. Anything that connects you with the spiritual side helps open the crown chakra. So, create a daily ritual that feels right for you.

In conclusion, it may seem a bit overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to keeping the chakras opened and balanced. The best advice above all else is to always follow your instinct and intuition. So, take things at your own pace and have fun with it. For instance, just simply wearing a piece of chakra colored jewelry and being mindful about each chakra goes a very long way towards maintaining balance and keeping energy flowing. Experiment with different methods until you find what works best for you.

chakra essential oils-cropped.jpg

Crown Chakra Essential Oils 


Essential oils are a great way of establishing a better connection with the Divine. They will help you to free your spirit and allow you to feel more relaxed during your crown chakra meditations. Some of the best essential oils for healing the crown chakra include frankincense, peppermint, sandalwood, rosemary, and lotus. 

Essential oils to strengthen the Crown chakra are a great addition to a traditional methods like meditation, fasting, yogic diet, asanas. Here you want to use essential oils that have the ability to connect and unite us with the Divine or Higher Consciousness, these that resonate with the energy of the Crown chakra:

  • Angelica Root

  • Frankincense

  • Cedarwood Atlas

  • Sandalwood

  • Lavender

  • Myrrh

  • Spikenard

  • Rose

  • Jasmine

  • Elemi

  • Rosewood

You may notice that a lot of these oils are also resonate with other chakras in our subtle body. The reason is that the vibrations of all of the chakras are united at the Crown chakra, the matter and spirit are not separate but a part of a Universal Light or Divine.


Helpful Colors and Gemstones

Colors associated with the crown chakra are violet or white. Crystals such as amethyst, selenite, howlite, moonstone, labradorite, and quartz are wonderful to help keep the crown chakra balanced.


So, try to carry these gems with you during the day to help. Or, to help you more easily connect to the divine, keep them near you while meditating.

 Crown Chakra Stones and Crystals 


Violet, purple and white stones are considered to be the most beneficial for healing your crown chakra as they resonate strongly with Sahasrara colors. Some of the gemstones that can help you to improve and balance your crown center are: 


Amethyst – this purple gemstone is excellent for the highest chakras. Amethyst holds a strong vibrational frequency, and it is a great stone for prayer, meditation, and contemplation. Amethyst is a gem of divine protection and cleansing. It will purify your energy field from harmful energies and attachments. It generates a resonant, divine light shield all over the body. 

Clear Quartz – this purifying stone has the power to unlock the mind and open you up to higher guidance. Crystal quartz is known to enhance consciousness and spiritual energies. When it comes to holistic healing, there is no better choice than clear quartz, which is considered to be a master healer crystal – it will be useful for activating your master gland (pituitary), which governs your crown chakra. 


Moonstone – this beautiful gemstone of new beginnings is useful for balancing your crown and third eye chakras. Moonstone urges one to be mindful of the life cycles and to honor the milestones and passing cycles of each new period. Moonstone teaches us to let go of grievances and surrender ourselves to the natural flow of life.


You can use any of these powerful crown chakra stones and crystals by holding them, wearing them in the form of jewelry, or simply having them around your house.


Crown Chakra Balance and Attunement Videos

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