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Introduction to the Michael Teachings

Hello and welcome! This is where the journey into learning more about who you are begins. It starts with what many long term students of the Michael Teachings have affectionately come to term, "The Michael Teachings Game Board."


Herein you will find a simple chart graphic that depicts a world of possibilities from which each soul may choose when setting up an entire lifetime of potential experiences. These choices include the chosen ROLE IN ESSENCE, a preferred GOAL for the life, the MODE by which that goal will be attained, an ATTITUDE through which the individual will view their life experiences, a primary CENTER through which they will intake information, and a secondary center through which they will tend to out-put information, and just to make the game interesting and challenging, a primary OBSTACLE will be chosen to help that soul grow and progress itself throughout the life. The individual soul will also choose a BODY-TYPE through which to experience the lifetime and to learn related lessons. The body type is important because much karma is often facilitated through the choices and lessons surrounding the chosen body-type.

Each of the choices described above are collectively referred to in the Michael teachings as "overleaves." The choices of overleaves for a given lifetime then serve to set up specific types of experiences, lessons and learning desired by essence in order to further it's evolutionary development and progress along the path of return to the Tao. Overleaves are a function of personality, and last just one lifetime. Overleaves are shed at the end of the lifetime, and just the ROLE in essence will then remain. Now, what is this "Role in essence?"

The first and final (or the alpha and the omega) component in the overall game plan configuration is called the ROLE in essence, which does NOT change from lifetime to lifetime; it remains intact and distinct throughout all lives, and simply evolves through the gathering of experiences and the resultant learning acquired through those accumulated life experiences.

There are 7 ROLES in essence that are chosen at the very beginning of the Grand Cycle of lives, when each individual spark (or essence) is first cast into the Tao. I will explain more about this phenomena in another blog post, however for simplicity sake, let us just assume momentarily that this ROLE is essence is the most essential element and the true nature of the soul itself that is at the very core of the soul's being throughout ALL of it's existence. The role in essence is at the central core of the being that is the true you.

Each of the 7 ROLES in essence has both a positive and a negative pole aspect. The positive poles always come from LOVE and negative poles always come from FEAR.

The 7 ROLES in essence are:

SERVER: + service / - bondage
PRIEST: + compassion / - zeal
ARTISAN: + creation / - artifice
SAGE: + dissemination / - oration
WARRIOR: + persuasion / - coercion
KING: + mastery / - tyranny
SCHOLAR: + knowledge / - theory

There are 7 GOALS from which to choose that will become the primary focus of the lifetime, and each goal has both a positive and a negative pole aspect. The positive poles always come from LOVE and negative poles always come from FEAR.

The 7 GOALS are:

RE-EVALUATION:  + simplification / - withdrawal
GROWTH:  + comprehension / - confusion
DISCRIMINATION:  + discernment / - rejection
ACCEPTANCE:   + agape  / - ingratiation
SUBMISSION:   + devotion / - subservience
DOMINANCE:  + leadership / - dictatorship
RELAXATION:   + free flowing / - inertia

There are also 7 MODES from which to choose which will determine how one approaches attainment of their chosen goal. Each mode has both a positive and a negative pole aspect. The positive poles always come from LOVE and negative poles always come from FEAR.

The 7 MODES are:

RESERVED:  + restraint / - inhibition
PASSION:  + self-actualization / - identification
CAUTION:  + deliberation / - phobia
POWER:  + authority / - oppression
PERSEVERANCE:  + persistence / - immutability
AGGRESSION:  + dynamism / - belligerence
OBSERVATION:  + clarity / - surveillance

There are also 7 ATTITUDES which will shape one's perceptions of the world. This is often the first thing many people will notice about you the first time they meet you. Each attitude has both a positive pole and a negative pole aspect. The positive poles always come from LOVE and negative poles always come from FEAR.

The 7 ATTITUDES are:

STOIC:  + tranquility / - resignation
SPIRITUALIST:  + verification / - belief
SKEPTIC:  + investigation / - suspicion
IDEALIST:  + coalescence / - naivete
CYNIC:  + contradiction / - denigration
REALIST:  + perception / - supposition
PRAGMATIST:  + practicality / - dogma

Next are the 7 CENTERS, which ultimately correspond to the seven sacred energy centers in the human body known as the chakra system. For simplicity sake at this early stage of learning about Michael's Game of Life however, we will stick to the basics. The seven centers determine how one processes energetic input and output of information through the body.


There are 3 Ordinal Centers, emotional, intellectual and physical (or moving) centers and 3 Exhalted Centers, which are used to access higher planes and dimensions of consciousness, and are not regularly used by most people unless they are involved in some form of regular meditative or spiritual practice. There is also one neutral center.


As with all of the other "overleaves" in the Michael system, these too possess both positive and negative pole aspects of each center. The positive poles always come from LOVE and negative poles always come from FEAR.

The 7 CENTERS are:

EMOTIONAL:  + sensibility / - sentimentality
INTELLECTUAL:  + thought / - reason
MOVING (OR PHYSICAL):  + productive / - frenetic
HIGHER EMOTIONAL:  + love / - empathy
HIGHER INTELLECTUAL:  + insight / - telepathy
HIGHER MOVING:  + integration / - erotic
INSTINCTIVE:  + natural / - mechanical

To keep the Game of Life interesting and challenging, and to help propel the individual forward, there are also 7 OBSTACLES (also called Chief Negative Features in the Michael Teachings) each of which are based upon a particular FEAR and/or a related fear-based belief. Next to each obstacle below, you will find the corresponding fear. Each of the 7 obstacles also has both a positive and a negative pole aspect. The positive poles always come from LOVE and negative poles always come from FEAR.

The 7 OBSTACLES (and their corresponding underlying FEARS) are:

SELF-DEPRECATION:  + humility / - abasement ~ (fear of "not being enough") 
ARROGANCE:  + pride / - vanity  ~ (fear of "vulnerability") 
SELF-DESTRUCTION:  + self sacrifice / - immolation ~ (fear of "loss of control") 
GREED:  + egotism / - voracity ~ (fear of lack or "not having enough")
MARTYRDOM:  + selflessness / - victimization ~ (fear of lack of worth, or "worthlessness") 
IMPATIENCE:  + audacity / - intolerance ~ (fear of "missing something") 
STUBBORNNESS:  + determination / - obstinacy ~ (fear of "change")

And, last but not least, there are 7 BODY TYPES, through which the individual will experience many of it's karmic lessons for the lifetime. Here too you will find both positive pole and negative pole aspects. The positive poles always come from LOVE and negative poles always come from FEAR.

The 7 BODY TYPES are:

LUNAR:  + luminous / - pale
SATURN:  + rugged / - gaunt
JUPITER:  + grandeur / - over-whelming
MERCURY:  + agile / - nervous
VENUS:  + voluputous / - sloppy
MARS:  + endurance / - impulsive
SOLAR:  + radiant / - ethereal

This material was originally introduced through the well-known metaphysical resource books of Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, the first of which was titled "Messages From Michael" initially published in 1980. Since then many more Michael books have been published from numerous authors, but these are the books that I have found to be most useful for teaching purposes and for learning more about the Michael teachings system itself.

Here is a short list of recommended reading materials to get you started.

First, this is the original Michael teachings book that started it all, published by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro in 1980, and a recent anniversary edition has recently been released.

* Messages from Michael. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. Berkeley Publishing Group; (October 1980) ASIN: 0425065332

NEW! ~ Messages from Michael - 25th Anniversary Edition. Chelsea Quinn Yarbro.; (March 2005) Amazon: ISBN: 0974290742

* The Michael Handbook: A Channeled System for Self Understanding. Jose Stevens, Simon Warwick-Smith. Warwick Assocs; (March 1988) ISBN: 0941109003

* Tao to Earth: Michael's Guide to Relationships and Growth. Jose Stevens. Original 1988. Bear & Co; (February 1994) ISBN: 1879181142

* Earth to Tao: Michael's Guide to Healing and Spiritual Growth. Jose Stevens. Original 1989. Bear & Co; (February 1994) ISBN: 1879181150

* The Personality Puzzle: Solving the Mystery of Who You Are. Jose Stevens, JP Van Hulle. Pivotal Resources; (December 1990) ASIN: 0942663063

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