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Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

via Terri Benning with channeled insights from the Michael Entity 


For a Single Card Deck Reading,

Choose Any of the Tarot or Oracle Card Deck Options Below

For a Multiple Card Deck Reading

Choose One Tarot Card Deck & 2 or 3 Oracle Card Decks Below

One Tarot Card Deck = Forms the Foundation for the Reading

Two to Three Oracle Card Decks = Provides Deeper Insights, Details and Context

Sample of a Multiple Card Deck Reading:


1. Tarot Card Deck = foundation/structure of the reading

2. Angel Oracle Deck = upper world guidance (spirit, mercury)

3. Animal Oracle Deck = middle world guidance (soul, sulfur) 

4. Crystal Oracle Deck = lower world guidance (body, salt)

Layout designs can be simple or complex, depending upon the question(s) posed.

I like to work with 3, 6, 9 and 12 card spreads, plus one significator card, which serves to focus the reading in a more definitive way. Working with these numbers also brings in a profoundly transformative alchemical component that often proves deeply illuminating for the seeker. Coupled with channeled comments, insights and guidance from the Michael Entity, its a winning combination all the way around.


If you have a layout design in mind that you would like to use in your reading, please email it to me several days prior to your session, along with your chosen card decks for the reading, and I am happy to look into adapting your session layout accordingly. 

Step #1: Choose A Tarot Card Deck for Your Reading

(Learn more about the tarot decks shown below with a simple click on the images.)

Motherpeace Tarot Guide Book_front cover-1.jpg

Step #2: Choose 2 or 3 Oracle Decks Below to Fill Out Your Reading  


Two Featured Elemental Oracle Card Decks from Alexandra Wenman


The 40 Archangels, arranged in 17 suits, are associated with specific chakras, crystals, essential oils, magical sigils, and star systems. Working with these sacred keys initiates a powerful alchemical process within you, which heightens your senses, enhancing your own connection to the angelic realms. Includes 144 page guidebook. 

The Water Alchemy Oracle is a high-vibration oracle, packed with symbolism, deities, devas, gods and goddesses, water creatures, magical sigils, heartfelt channeled messages, and guided healing processes. Along with healing and enhancing your own life experience, you are also bringing much-needed healing to our planet via her sacred lifeblood - the waterways.

Other Special Oracle Card Decks to Choose From for Your Reading


Client Comments

"Leave it to Old Artisan Terri to come up a uniquely creative approach to tarot!

For my reading, she used 3 cards each from 3 decks of my choosing- one being the

Gaian tarot deck, plus the Mystical Shaman Oracle and a deck of stones. The three distinct energies of the decks added layers and extra depth. And Michael also was

channeled during the reading, suggesting the appropriate layout of the cards, adding comments to the reading, as well as stand alone feedback, specific to the question I had asked.  The reading was so accurate, very helpful- and much appreciated!"

Kerrin W. ~ Michael Student 

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