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Yearly May Platform Readings
Internal, External & Pivotal Platforms
(plus supporting Animal Allies for each platform)

PLATFORMS: The Alchemical Triad Platforms

INTERNAL: (Personal) + Supporting Animal Ally + Sacred Symbol

EXTERNAL: (Community) + Supporting Animal Ally + Sacred Symbol

PIVOTAL: (Connecting Link) + Supporting Animal Ally + Sacred Symbol


What is a Platform? 


A platform is a theme chosen by Essence for a one year time frame beginning each May through April of the following year.  It is a primary focus of interest, involvement and growth for that one year time frame. It usually consists of just one word that encapsulates the essence of the experience sought by Essence in the year ahead. 


Each person will explore that chosen theme from all angles and perspectives, learning everything they can from their personal experiences around the given theme during the yearly platform cycle. 


Why is it from May through April of the following year? 


Because in many earth-based teachings, the Spiritual new year begins on May 1st, such as Beltane, May Day, and the traditional MayPole dances of celebration, for example. It is a time of renewal, regeneration, planting seeds and embarking upon new journeys and adventures yet to come. 


Why Does Michael Channel Yearly Platforms? 


Everyone chooses new Platforms in May of each year, whether they are fully aware of it or not. Platform readings with Michael can shed light upon those "essential" choices, giving you a compass by which you may better chart your course through the ups and downs of the year to come. It helps the personality to more fully align with the choices of essence, which allows you to be and to feel more fully empowered to work *WITH* essence rather than against it in the upcoming year. 


Why Do We Have Platform Animal Allies? 


Meeting the animal allies who are supporting you in these platform choices add depth and further understanding and insights into how best navigate your course throughout the new platform cycle year. They are always there for you to work with whenever you choose to invite them into your sacred circle for consultation, guidance or support.




Private Platform Dynamics Channeling Session~ $75.00 per person

(a 50 minute private session with comments and insights from Michael)

(by video or teleconference only, no email)



I'm looking forward to working with you and Michael to receive your yearly triad Platform Dynamics for the year ahead! 


Warmest of wishes and blessings,

Terri Benning


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