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Client Comments


"Terri Claire Benning is a clear channel. I had a reading done by her and was so impressed by the accuracy that I asked her to teach a class. The students were so impressed that she has since taught a second class, and it won't be the last!" 

Dr. Jeanne Neher Shurz
Inner Quest Awareness Center of Alameda
Psychologist * Hypnotherapist * Homeopathist 


"Even after a week I'm still blown away by our session. Michael entity really is able to go to the core of the issue from their unique perspective, saving plenty of time from running around in circles. As a channel Terri is astonishingly accurate, as a person simply amazingly compassionate, intuitive, patient and a gifted teacher. Michael's deeply transformational energy mixed with Terri's compassion is a cocktail I'd warmly recommend everyone to experience firsthand." ~ H.K. ~ Michael Student

"I highly recommend channeling to get to beliefs in the subconscious mind that it can take years to reach in psychotherapy. I went to a psychiatrist for 3 years, but made more progress in 3 channeling sessions with Terri than I had in years of therapy. Psychotherapy is impeded by all the thoughts in the conscious mind. It can take years to penetrate this veil before realizing the true core beliefs in the subconscious mind. With Terri, we went directly to the subconscious mind. It literally took 5 minutes to realize the worries buried in my subconscious thoughts. I felt immediate emotional and physical relief. Terri Benning has helped enable me to heal as well as resolve dilemmas in my daily life. I recommend her to anyone that wants to clear their energy, their grief, their life, their head. Terri's channeling can provide the insight you need to do your own processing in your own way; she assists you in expediting your own processing." ~ J. Creason ~ Attorney At Law


"I really enjoyed my session with Terri Claire Benning. She is a very warm and personable channel who truly feels a sense of commitment to her client. As a result of my session, I had insight into areas of my life that were very helpful to have!! I was very glad I'd selected her as a channel."  ~ Joanna King (Arinna) ~ Michael student

"Terri Claire Benning is an amazing channel. Her fluidity allows her to flow with the information that is coming through and at the same time relate and engage with the person she is channeling for. She has a natural ability to explain the information in a neutral but relatable fashion with no judgments. Terri has done some channeling and healing sessions for me several times. Each time I experienced definite shifts in my energy and understanding around the questions that I had. Her accuracy is very high and she is always clear in relating how important it is to follow what resonates for you. She is an incredible teacher and mentor, loving, supportive, has a great sense of integrity, and is one of the best channels I know!"  ~  Gail Blum ~ Spiritual Midwife and Healer 

"I have worked with Terri Claire Benning several times, and have been very pleased with her work! She has done several channelings for me, and the information has always been very clear and quite in-depth. It has also proved to be "right-on" and practical information that has been useful in my daily life and had enhanced my understanding of myself and how life works. She is able to channel a number of higher plane teachers, as well as a person's personal guides. This is great for accessing just what is needed by each individual. And, I was amazed that AFTER the channeling session, Terri actually researched some historical data relating to some of the information in my channeling, and sent me the information! That was completely unexpected, and clearly "above and beyond" what I expected from her. I have also had a Motherwave healing Session with Terri and the results were profound! She uncovered a limiting belief I have carried from the time of my birth, which has had a detrimental effect on my health for my whole life. And then she helped me create and "install" a new empowering belief in it's place. Amazing, wonderful work!"  ~  Cathryn Tezha Swann ~ Michael student 

"I have been seeing Terri for sessions for the last five years. I have always received clear, loving encouragement and support, and healing in the amazing channeling she has done for me. She is an excellent teacher, and the amount of new information that she receives is incredible, practical and easy to understand. Terri is always willing to share joyfully the information she receives. I have always felt "enlightened" when I am in the "dark". She is a very gifted healer and I am always privileged to work with her. Terri brings to her work a unique and creative force awaiting to inspire, she helps to guide with skill, knowledge and laughter how to access more of my "true self". I would highly recommend anyone to experience Terri's work." ~ Yoshi Shaka ~ C.M.T. ~ The Healing Works

"I have been an active Michael studies participant now since late May 2008 and met Terri soon after in October 2008. So, having had 11 and a half years to self-validate the channelling of different channels I can say with 100% confidence that Terri is THE BEST when it comes to channeling Essence and Personality dynamics and past life information. So that's role, soul age, casting placements, cadre/entity and overleaves. No other channel's work has ever resonated for me as accurately as Terri's.  Whenever I receive a session from Terri, I am always blown away by how quickly and accurately she names these very intimate details about the people that I ask about. Also always amazed by the incredibly resonant past life information.

There are other channels that pull through great information regarding some of the larger patterns around the planet and our species, but none has as of yet so accurately described these more intimate details about people. I am myself also a trance medium, clairvoyant and intuitive reader with 11+ years experience of reading professionally and have yet to come across another intuitive like Terri. For anyone that has not yet had the blessing of a hello from Michaels through Terri - this is highly recommended!" ~ Janno Kondrashev‎ ~ Hello EssenceJoy!  

"I have known Terri for many years. Her skills are amazing. She is also exceptionally open to sharing her extensive knowledge of indigenous shamanic traditions. One could not ask for a finer mentor."

~ Marian Hafel ~ Stress Resolution Coach

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