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15 Archangel Names, Crystals & Colors

A Message from Michael on Working with the Archangels

Session Date: April 17th, 2023 - with Terri and Dave


"Good day, Dave and Terri. We are here and are pleased to be in communication with you once more. We enjoy working with the two of you toward higher plane perspectives, insights and perceptions. 


To Terri: We are in agreement with your desire to work with our causal plane perspective in tandem with your "angelic realm" work with our and other students at this time. This combination will serve to facilitate much relief, growth and progress for those who choose to proceed along this elevated path of return to the Tao at this time. It is good work on everyone's part to proceed in this vein.


That is all. We are with you now. We are with you always. ~ Goodbye, Michael" 

*Note: This message is channeled from the causal plane reunited entity named Michael, of the Michael Teachings, not from the Archangel Michael. ~ Terri

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Work with Michael to receive detailed insights into your questions and then work with the archangel that shows up for you to release, refill and renew your energy bodies with higher plane light, love and energy.  The angels are here to help us release our heavy burdens to them so we can attune, align and more fully embrace the Infinite Soul energies that are coming into our planet at this time. The costs for these deeply healing sessions are the same as for my regular Michael Channeling services,  Please see the link below to book a session.

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