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Michael Channeling On:

Journeying with Your Animal Totems


MICHAEL: Music may or may not be used for journeying purposes, as may be found to be preferable to each fragment. Some fragments prefer to "enter the silence" with no outside distractions. while others may prefer to "set the stage" and to "light it" with sights, sounds, colors, and with the elements of nature that may be easily found within that particular animal's natural habitat and environmental setting. Some may wish to use primal rhythms or drumming sounds to call in and to awaken the animal essences from within. It is purely a matter of choice and personal preference, and no one way is better than any other way. We would encourage you to use that type of inspiration which most suits your own particular tastes, overleaves and especially your centering preferences.

We would also suggest that when utilizing such external stimulus for *purposeful journey* with your animal essences, that the fragment attempt to match the natural music/sounds/vibrational tone and frequency to resonate closely with that of the "essential" energy and natural environment of animal essence requested for the journey.


For example: To call in whales, dolphins or porpoises, seals, and sea turtles, the fragment may choose to utilize the sounds of "ocean waves" as background music, with the sounds and voices of the whale and dolphin calls or whatever underwater sounds the fragment can locate that are part of that particular animal's natural habitat, environment and species awareness. You may also choose to utilize musical influences which are found to be consistent within the cultural contexts in which you are *journeying* with your specific animal essence. Smells, colors, sounds, tastes and textures are also stimulating to the akashic memory senses, if the fragment is able to locate such "pure" scents and flower essences readily. 


We would close with the comment that setting the INTENTION "to meet and to greet" your Within/Power animal, however, would likely be the single most *influential element* of the essence contact experience with your animal allies, The external conditions simply augment and can sometimes enhance what already lies within you each, and it does not necessarily *create it* for you. It merely assists in awakening such direct essence contact experiences from *within you.*


There is a subtle distinction here, we would add, that is an important aspect of this inner journey for each fragment. It is, after all, an internal meeting and an inner journey, and as such, truly requires NO external devices or mechanisms be employed, unless such additional support, stimulation or enhancement is deemed enjoyable and/or relaxing to the individual fragment. Simplicity is often the *key* to greater essence contact experiences and to those *selected experiences* which essence may wish to impart to the perceptions of the personality itself.


That is all on this subject for now. ~ Michael

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