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Archangel Sightings Along Hwy. 5 in 1993-94

In 1993 and 1994, there were multiple reports of angels sightings all up and down Interstate 5 from Mexico all the way up into Canada. As it happened, those two years were also what is termed "higher centered years in the Michael Teachings, with which I have worked since 1983. I did not know this at the time, but experienced some profound spiritual transformations, awakenings and adventures into unknown territories, inside and out. It was truly "a great adventure and is one that is even more profoundly meaning ful to me today than it was at that time. The experience has come full circle now and is impacting my current spiritual life I ways I never could have imagined back then. I am now on a new rung of that spiral circle of the soul's journey back to the Tao, God, Goddess, Creator, Great Mystery, Source ... what one may choose to call it. It's such a deeply personal journey that we can only make for ourselves, But, we can share it along the way, and that's the purpose of this story ... we're simply walking eachother home. I invite you to walk a ways with me. 

This story continues below the beautiful photo of Mount Shasta draped in her winter finery.


My Archangel Sighting in 1993-94 on Mt. Shasta

During these same two years, I was living in Ashland, Oregon, having been called to what my guides termed "The Prospect Project" by RA (from the Law of One book series.) I began channeling RA when "they" (a "social memory complex" from RA's perspective) approached me about a year earlier to ask if I would be interested in helping them found a spiritual community along the Rogue River near the unincorporated town of Prospect, Oregon.

With a head full of visions and dreams, a heart full of passion and adventure, and a soul full of willingness to serve the greater whole, I accepted their invitation and agreed to move to the area as soon as possible. That move date turned out to be March of 1993, the first of the two higher-centered years.

At this point, I was channeling RA nearly everyday, and was working hard on myself to move into 4th density reality in preparation for the Harvest of Souls in the "service to others" polarity.

Those of you who are familiar with the Law of One book series will understand more about the "the harvest of souls" context from my comment above. I don't want to delve into it all in this post because it is far too lengthy and complex to explain here. But you can go to this URL if you are interested in learning more about the Law of One.


While living in Ashland, Oregon, I made many trips to Mt. Shasta for healing, learning and clearing purposes, and met several key connections in the process. Several close friends from my hometown of Santa Rosa, California, also followed suit and moved to Ashland as well during those two higher centered years. So we were beginning to gather together around the Ashland area, and made many visits to the little town of Prospect and to the beautiful Crater Lake area as well.

One of our gatherings took place in Mt. Shasta at a friend's home where we had gotten together to share a potluck dinner. Back in those days, I still smoked cigarettes, and so decided to take a smoke break out on the back deck. I was alone out there, just taking in the crystal clear blue night sky and the stunningly beautiful presence of Mt. Shasta looming large right before my eyes. Just to the southeast of the mountain rose a magnificent full moon draped in wisps of fine, translucent cloud shapes, which shined brightly some distance away.

The fine wisps of clouds puzzled me a bit because there was not a single cloud in the entire sky that evening. Being a medium, its a natural thing for me to project my senses, my intuition outward toward the moon and the wisps of clouds, trying to discern it's qualities more clearly. The first thing I realized is that that wisp of cloudiness was not gaseous, it was not made of the air element, that is to say. It felt more like plasma, or liquid light. Or perhaps both. As I questioned it's properties, the whole cloud began to move closer and closer, and as it moved toward me, it began to take on more of a shape, as yet unrecognizable to me. It continued to move closer and closer, soon hovering in the sky above me, and growing larger and larger as it approached. It continued to shape-shift itself as it hovered above into the glorious image of an archangel, translucent but with clearly defined images of the wings and the individual "feathers" of each of them. The wings began to move slowly, and with each beat of the wings flowed waves of deep peace, higher plane unconditional love, and profound grace. It filled my breath, my heart and my soul with awe, and I was barely able to believe what I was seeing and experiencing before my eyes and from deep within, and without.

At this point I went into the house to tell everyone what I was seeing, and when they came out onto the back deck, jaw dropping silence was all that could be heard as we all took in and experienced this exquisite liquid light show above our heads. The whole experience lasted about a half hour to 45 minutes, and then the angel presence began to dissolve back into what I can only assume was it's own dimension of consciousness.

This event was experienced by at least 25 other people. We all sat in silence and watched as the angel sent us the most beautiful, peaceful, loving energy "presence" imaginable. And then it was gone, but never forgotten.

In those two years, 1993 and 1994, there were multiple angel sightings all up and down Hwy. 5 which runs north and south from Mexico to the Canadian border. They were showing themselves to those who had the great good fortune to be in the right place at the right time to witness their appearances. I was fortunate to have been at one of them in Mt. Shasta.

We have much to learn about what these higher plane, higher dimensional "beings" are and who they are to each of us. This is part of why they are "coming online" and are working with those who are ready to receive their angelic energies and vibrational frequencies in order to "grow their (or our) souls, their light, their love and their wisdom" within us. They are real and they each have a definite purpose at this time in our human evolution.

Some of them are beginning to channel through to my old channeling partner and myself at this time, and we are receiving messages, upgrades and downloads, of both a personal and a collective nature. I suspect in the upcoming new year, we will have much to learn from and through them. As of now, I am simply grateful to be of whatever service is most needed and wanted at this time. We'll see what evolves over time. It should prove to be a great adventure in any case.

I'm looking forward to 2023, and to the continuation of "my living story" here on beautiful Pachamama! 

Written by Terri Benning ~ December 28th, 2022

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