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About Despachos


Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) Carriers Awahoo and Justine

demonstrate how to create a sacred offering called a Despacho.

New Moon Despachos 2017

Sanctioned Pachakuti Mesa Tradition® Teacher Heather Weingartner makes despachos each new moon to honor the Goddess and the return of the Divine Feminine on Pachamama. In this lovely video she shares some of these offerings, accompanied by the song "New Moon" by Alice Dimicele. 

Three Ways to Offer Despacho Blessing Bundles  


Once completed, Despacho blessing bundles

may then be offered in one of three ways; 

  1. By Fire for immediate release 

  2. By Water for moderate rate release 

  3. By Earth burial for long term release


Each has their own unique qualities,

purposes and place in the PMT teachings. 

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