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About Terri 

Areas of Expertise and Specialization

Terri is an experienced metaphysical mentor and a channel of the Michael entity for over 35 years. Her areas of expertise include obtaining akashic record information, identifying past lives and how they are impacting upon the current life, deep belief re-creation, seven stage processes, obtaining full casting placement information, facilitating monadal sequence completions and bringing through new information and structures.


Terri teaches animal wisdom classes online based upon the Michael teachings, as well as upon traditional indigenous teachings. These classes are always popular and fill up fast. 


For those interested in learning how to channel, she offers customized mentoring opportunities, private channeling sessions and personal support. 

Terri is a certified Pachakuti Mesa Tradition mesa carrier who has completed the 2 year, five part PMT apprenticeship series from 2014 - 2016 with Heart of the Healer sanctioned senior instructor, Judy Hoaglund. You can view Terri's Certificate of Completion HERE

She has completed the Universal Shaman (1) and the Universal Shaman Advanced (2) online courses, as well as the Magic, Medicine and Mysticism online course with the Heart of the Healer founder and master curandero, Don Oscar Miro-Quesada in 2016 - 2017. She attended the April 2016 Universal Shaman Advanced retreat at EarthRise IONS campus in Petaluma, CA. and there was blessed to receive a direct fire ceremony healing from Don Oscar Miro-Quesada, which has served to help her heal and resolve three challenging health issues present at that time. She continues to take online courses through The Shift Network to grow her soul and her life through shamanic practices. 

My Full Michael Essence and Personality Profile 

My Michael Overleaf Profile


Soul Age: 6th Old
Role: Artisan
Mode: Passion
Goal: Growth
Attitude: Spiritualist
Centering: Emotional / Int.
Primary NCF: Self Deprecation
Secondary NCF: Impatience
Body Type: Lunar / Saturn

My Michael Essence Dynamics 

Essence Twin: King 
Primary Task Companion: King
Travelling Companions: 
Warrior, King, Priest
Frequency: 48 ~ 52%
Male / Female Ratio: 68F / 32M
Grand Cycles: 12
Lifetimes: 284

My Michael Casting Dynamics

Cadre: 1 ~ Love Cadre
Entity: 1 ~ The Pathfinder Entity
Block: 7 ~ Motivation = Mastery
Row: 7  ~ Global Job = Completion
Casting Position: 3 ~ (Warrior) 
Community Responsibility = 
Side: Love 
Raw #: 682

Medicine Gift

"Trust in Spirit"

(as perceived by don Oscar Miro-Quesada)

3 Primary Needs

Freedom ~ Expansion ~ Exchange

My Four Pillars


1. True Work: Channeling - Bringing Forth New Structures
              2. True Study: Psychology, Social Deviance, Indigenous Shamanism
             3. True Play: Dining Out, Exploring New Places, Horses, Socializing
     4. True Rest: Water, Sleeping, Lucid Dreaming, Jewelry Design

Life Task Phrase
"To consciously validate essence and essence contact experiences."

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