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Despacho Beauty Blessing Inspirations 

Lovingly Created by Hana Cechova


Shared with permissions granted from Hana Cechova.


(When I asked if I may share Hana's beautiful despachos with my students,

she was gracious, generous and gave completely from the heart. Thank you, Hana!)


"Hello, Terri! Absolutely, and with deep gratitude!

Enjoy your class and thank you for your beautiful service!

I am so happy that you were uplifted by them! (Her despachos) You may share, of course, the Amrita video or just the teachings from it in any way that is beneficial for your students. I am honored. Down below, I am sharing a gallery of images I was able to put together from my backup files. May it bring joy to you and your students. You can use any of them in whatever way you feel called to." ~ With much love. Hana

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