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Journeys With Michael


A Channeled Message From Michael

Welcome to the world of shamanic journeying to both new and seasoned students of the Michael Teachings system for self-understanding, personal growth and expanded awareness. For those of you who have been working with our teachings, we offer this class as a means to deepen and awaken new levels of insight and perception into both your Personality and your Essence Dynamics. 


From our perspective, working with spirit, power and totem animals serves to open up the instinctive center, which in turn gives the student more direct, immediate and deeper access to their own instinctive center experiences, which is where the connection to the Akashic Records lies, through the root chakra. This is how students can more effectively enact what we would term "essence retrieval" processes and to more easily and readily integrate present, past, future, parallel and concurrent lives. 


Traditionally, one enters the lucid dreaming journey state with a trusted spirit guide for the journey and a spirit, power or totem animal that together will serve to guide you along the path to your own inner answers, truths, insights, perceptions and experiences around the area of inquiry for the student. It is a valid way to facilitate a shift in the student's focus of awareness from an external to an internal perspective  for the sake of personal growth, expansion, awakening and progress along the fragment's path of return to the Tao.


The key words to any type of journey work are "Direct Revelation.* Journeying is the path of *direct revelation* to all of your deepest questions from within.


The Upper World 

(Non-ordinary reality)


* Branches and Leaves

* The Super-conscious

* Soul and history of all human events

* The place of Divine inspiration and Cosmic Wisdom

* Here, the shaman's awareness can transcend time and space.


The Middle World 

(Non-ordinary Reality) 


* The Tree Trunk

* The Conscious

* The world we live in. 

* But there is also a non-ordinary aspect to this world.

* When journeying in this non-ordinary reality, the shaman might encounter troubled spirits.


The Lower World

(Non-ordinary reality)


* The Tree Roots

* The Subconscious

* Destiny and Spirit

* The home of power animals, healing and creative power.

* Here we transform what appear to be enemies into allies.

* And here we descend into the deepest regions of our psyche.

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