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Create Your Inner Totem Pole

Discover Your Totem Animals For Balancing the 7 Sacred Centers

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You Are Invited to Join Us For



SATURDAY, MAY 20th, 2023 

3:00 - 5:00 PM (PDT)  

6:00 - 8:00 PM (EDT)


Meeting ID: 314 627 6786

Hosted by

Terri Benning

In this FREE introduction to working with your 7 Chakra Animal Totems, Terri

will introduce the 7 Chakras, the animals traditionally associated with each of these chakras and some basic shamanic journey skills to help facilitate your initial meeting with your personal root chakra animal totem. 

The causal plane teacher known as Michael will then guide the actual journey to meet your root chakra animal totem during the shamanic drumming session.


Sharing your personal experiences following the journey is welcome, but is not required. It is entirely your choice whether you wish to share them or not. 

Time permitting, Q & A with Michael on the class materials and your personal experiences is welcome.


This Class Series is a 8 Month Online Zoom Course

One Chakra, One Animal Totem Per Month

Class meets on the Second Saturday of each month for two hours

3:00 - 5:00 (PDT) and 6:00 - 8:00 pm (EDT)


Dates: May 20th, 2023 - *Free Root Chakra Intro. Class* 

Monthly Classes Begin on: May 20th, 2o23

and continue monthly thru December of 2023

Class Dates:

  1. May 20 (Root) - *FREE* Intro. Class

  2. June 10 (Sacral) 

  3. July 8 (Solar Plexus)

  4. August 12 (Heart)

  5. September 9 (Throat) 

  6. October 14 (Brow) 

  7. November 11 (Crown)

  8. December 9th - Course Completion 

* Discover the animal totems that support, strengthen and protect your 7 sacred energy centers.

* Access the wisdom of the ancestors and your inner animal spirit guides through direct revelation.

* Awaken to new perceptions of your soul's direction, purpose and power at this time in your life.


* Enhance your connection with nature, the animal kingdom and your relationship with the Sacred.

Terri Claire Benning

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To Sign Up, Contact Terri Above.


Please use the PayPal Cart below

to submit your class payments. 

Thank you! ~ Terri

Terri has been a student of life, nature, the elements, the directions, the animals and of human consciousness and spiritual awareness for her entire lifetime and beyond. She is more than a channel of the causal plane teacher known as Michael, she is a hollow bone serving the Great Mystery. She is an experienced guide, mentor and teacher for hundreds of people who, like herself, seek to plumb the depths of their own soul mysteries, inner knowing and self-awareness. Her life task purpose is to "validate essence and essence contact experiences" and her medicine gift is to Trust in Spirit.

Terri offers private channeling sessions, shamanic journeying and animal wisdom sessions for interested individuals. She also takes semi-private group requests for any of the above services. 

Create Your Inner Totem Pole Class Fees


Monthly Fee = $33.00 per month

Full 7 Month Course = $235.00

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